Welcome to SR 179!

Sponsored by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), this web site will keep the community updated on progress towards the development of State Route (SR) 179.

SR 179 is a scenic road that carries millions of tourists each year through one of the most pristine and unique environments in the world. It is also the only route connecting the business and residential communities of the greater Sedona-Oak Creek area.

Preserving the scenic beauty of the drive, and the values of the community that live around this route are central to ADOT’s goals on this project. Please use this site to learn not only about updates, but how you can be involved in this exciting process.

ADOT is using an innovative approach to the development of SR 179 called a Needs Based Implementation Plan (NBIP). Click here to learn more about that process.

The SR 179 corridor has been split into four segments. They are:

– Village of Oak Creek (Segment 1)

– Coconino National Forest (Segment 2)

– Sedona City Limits (Segment 3)

– The “Y” (Segment 4)

Teams consisting of ADOT representatives, design consultants, and community members will review needs specific to each segment in terms of safety, mobility, and the preservation of scenic, aesthetic, historic, environmental, and other community values.

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) used an innovative approach to planning of improvements for State Route 179, called a Needs Based Implementation Plan (NBIP). Preserving the scenic beauty of the drive and the values of the community that live around this route are central to ADOT’s approach on this project. The 17-month NBIP planning process was completed in December, 2004.

ADOT will continue to work closely with the community through design and construction. Please use this website to keep up-to-date and learn more about the progress of this project, as well as view reports and attend events.


The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) worked with the community to design and construct improvements from Back O’ Beyond to the “Y” intersection on SR 179. This road carries millions of tourists each year through one of the most pristine and unique areas of the world. The road is also the only route connecting the business and residential communities of the greater Sedona area. While there have been past improvements to SR 179, continuing traffic build up will continue to exacerbate the capacity and safety issues of the road over the next 20 years.

The central goal of the project was to develop a transportation corridor that addresses safety, mobility and preservation of scenic, aesthetics, historic, environmental and other community values and reach consensus on the planning, design and construction of SR 179.

A collaborative community-based process was conducted between August 2003 and December 2004 to plan corridor improvements. To accomplish this, ADOT used an innovative process called the Needs Based Implementation Plan (NBIP). The NBIP used the existing highway configuration as its initial baseline. This process depended on the community to actively participate and provide input throughout the NBIP process. December 2004 marked the end of the NBIP Process.

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28 September


The SR 179 project has won numerous awards, including:

Best Project Award from the prestigious Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) 2005 Transportation Planning Council.
All America Road by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Transportation Research Board, January 2005: paper presentation, poster presentation, publication
2004 Arizona Planning Association award for public outreach and multi-agency coordination
Gold winner in the Spotlight Awards, The League of American Communication Professionals, for project web site, www.scenic179.com
Silver winner in the Magellan Awards, The League of American Communication Professionals, for publicity campaign
Honorable mention in the Community Leadership category of Arizona Clean and Beautiful “Governor’s Pride in Arizona” awards program
One of the seven Notable Practices in the AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) Center for Environmental Excellence’s Best Practices in Context Sensitive Solutions Competition.

Executive Team

Each agency stakeholder, including ADOT, had two members on the project’s executive team, showed that all the agency stakeholders worked together and had equal responsibilities and decision-making authority in the process. The main duty of the Executive Team was to monitor the process and provide key milestone decision making – from planning through design and construction.

Arizona Department of Transportation
Sam Maroufkhani
John Harper

Big Park Regional Coordinating Council
John Gillam
Bert Berkshire

City of Sedona
Alison Zelms
Nancy Scagnelli

Coconino County
June Cornelison
Matt Ryan

Coconino National Forest
Judy Adams
Heather Provencio

Federal Highway Administration
Ken Davis
Nate Banks

Yavapai County
Mike Willett
Bill Kusner

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Roundabouts were the choice for intersection control on SR 179, based on sound engineering principles, community input, access management, safety studies, research on other tourism communities with roundabouts, and traffic studies and simulations. For more information on roundabouts, please go to www.azdot.gov/roundabout.

How to Drive a Roundabout

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